Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CB Surge FREE Download Offer

Claim Your CB Surge FREE Download Today!

It's not often we stumble across a quality free product, and there's always a catch, right?

We'll strap in, sit back...and check this out!

The ONLY real catch is; You have to be a Firefox user to benefit from this awesome software. Truth is, every internet marketer knows ClickBank is a Billion Dollar affiliate marketing platform, but did it ever dawn on You why they have absolutely NO statistical data on the products we promote?

The CB Surge FREE Download Benefits

  • View Analytical Data and Statistics from within the ClickBank MarketPlace
  • Save Time Searching for Marketable Products with Color Coded Visual Aides
  • See Prosuct Trends Over Time to Narrow Your Search
  • View CB's Mover's and Shaker's & What's Hot!
  • Install this in Minutes and Save Hours!

Ultimately, this is a powerful plugin that runs through your Firefox Browser inside the ClickBank Marketplace...and in short; it Kicks Ass. Saves time, money, and the old school painstaking effort of spending hours on research! get's better!

Good News Folks...the creator's of CB Surge has it covered. Watch this video and be amazed at what this light-weight piece of software can do  ===>>> CB Surge Video

The Price is Perfect...CB Surge is FREE to Download!

OK...enough of the's the deal. Imagine being able to cloak your ClickBank affiliate link into the 16,000+ ClickBank Products. Yep...Every single product in the ClickBank arsenal well in excess of 15,000 products, all which You can collect commissions on!

That's impossible though, right?


So How Can You Get CB Surge to Generate 16,000 Cloaked Affiliate Links?

Simple. Brand the Plugin with Your Clickbank link, download the FREE CB Surge Plugin, Activate It in Firefox (takes 2 mins), then when you enter your login and password (you create to enter the CB Surge Member's area)-the plugin automatically attaches your CB link to EVERY ClickBank product in their inventory!

So Where's The Money?

Once you've upgraded to the CB Surge Elite version, You are permitted to give the plugin fact, your encouraged to really, because every FREE user that you give it to is sitting atop 16,000 products pre-loaded with Your affiliate link!

So, if they buy any product in the get paid!

But, imagine this; you set up a quick blog targeting people interested in learning "How To" promote ClickBank products and cash in on affiliate marketing. Every single person you get this FREE plugin into the hands of is also able to give it away, as a FREE opt-in, or maybe in an email to your list.

Now, if 10 people have your Branded version of the CB Surge Plugin...guess what"

That alone is like you writing 160,000 affiliate links! If any of the FREE users decide to buy a ClickBank product...cha-ching You get paid!

So in a nutshell, you benefit from the plugin as a free user because it saves you a ton of time, and the ability to use the plugin kicks ass. Then, if you give it away (Branded with your link) -you have the potential to earn for being a good samaritan =)

Then, if your list has any vision at all...they'll buy the CB Surge Elite version, which is only $47, and you earn a 65% commission ($30.55)

Everything about the CB Surge Plugin is awesome. It is designed to do what many products fail to do...Save Us Time, Make Us Money, and Provide Analytical Data so we don't spend all frigging day researching. (I'm sure we've all had our fair share of that!)

No BS...the CB Surge FREE Download Works...When You Don't!

Anyway, I fely it was worthy to put together a blog, and IMHO this thing is genius! The fact, that it is so powerful a tool, I won't spoil it with bonus offering's as they would likely be nothing more than some re-hashed PLR most bonus offers!

This is a stand alone product in a caliber all it's own. The CB Surge FREE Download is available here. You can upgrade, and create a viral ad campaign with 16,000 affiliate links wrapped tightly inside your free give-away when you upgrade.

Even if money's tight, go check it out, download it, try it out...the free CB Surge version won't allow you to cloak the entire Clickbank market...but it will still save you a ton of time on research.

Anyway, I recommend getting onboard quick...this thing is smoking hot. Do yourself a favor, and get the SB Surge Elite if and when time and money'll pay for itself.

I am stoked to give it to at least 100 people as that is like 1,600,000 links...and the best part is, if someone buys any product, I get paid! The only downside is, if they upgrade, you'll get $30.55, and the'll likely rebrand the plugin for their own benfit! (Like I Did!)

None-the-less...the CB Surge FREE Downoad is here for the taking, I have nothing to hide! Use it as you will! Follow the link or click the banner below to learn more...

Wishing You Great Success...

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